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Oludeniz takes its name from the beautiful blue lagoon located a few hundred yards from the main town. The beach itself stretches for several miles, but the most popular section is the lagoon with its stunning backdrop of mountains and pine forest. This area has been designated a National Park and there is a small entrance charge, but it is well worth paying - there are shaded areas suitable for picnicking, showers and snack bars. In the main town, the seafront is crammed with provision stores, bars and restaurants, many with roof terraces perfect for enjoying the sunset and the wonderful views.

Hisaronu is a mini-resort perched on a mountain plateau, overlooking the famous Olu Deniz lagoon and just a few minutes dolmus ride from Fethiye. Lively and bright, the resort is packed with gift shops, nightclubs and the resort's speciality - restaurants catering for every taste! Hisaronu really comes alive after dark as visitors and locals head for the disco bars or linger over a meal, enjoying the cool mountain air.

Fethiye is an ancient Lycian town with relics dating back to the 4th century BC and is reputed to have been visited by Alexander the Great. Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Taurus Mountains and surrounded by a beautiful, island-strewn bay, the town is now a vibrant holiday destination. The picturesque old quarter is packed with bazaar-style shops, restaurants and bars. A wide range of boat trips are available at the nearby waterfront.

You can also go on a boat tour in Dalyan. You can see the Ekincik Cave, the Blue Cave and the bays and swim in the sea. For swimming, you can go to Ekincik Bay, Aş Beach, Kargicak Bay as well as Iztuzu Beach. Kaunos Ancient City is located on the opposite bank of the Dalyan River. You can easily reach it by boat. Here you can see historical structures such as the King's tombs, the acropolis and the Roman Bath together. King Rock tombs are particularly interesting.

Fethiye, which is one of the few holiday destinations in the world as well as in our country; It is indispensable for the new generation with its valleys, bays, islands, beaches and extreme sports… There are many rituals to be performed in Fethiye, which promises its guests an unforgettable holiday with its ancient past. Fethiye offers a unique holiday experience for those who are tired of the chaos of the city and want to immerse themselves in the bosom of nature and the sea.

Kabak Bay, located on the historical Lycian Way, is one of the most beautiful bays in Turkey and the world. Kabak Bay, which welcomes people from all parts and regions of Turkey, fascinates everyone with its nature.

Kayaköy, one of the places to visit in Fethiye, remained empty for many years after it was abandoned with the population exchange. With its narrow streets stretching between pine, pomegranate and fig trees, houses, churches, chapels and extraordinary scenery, Kayaköy is now being revived. Kayaköy Art Camp is a special place that can attract the attention of art lovers with its yoga, workshops, excursions and camping area.

Butterfly Valley, one of the natural beauties of Turkey as well as Fethiye, is surrounded by steep cliffs reaching 350 meters. Your name; The valley, which is home to more than 80 butterfly species and especially the Tiger butterfly, leaves unforgettable memories for its guests with its magnificent atmosphere.

The Lycian Way, which was used as a trade route by the Lycians in ancient times, is a world-famous trekking route stretching between Antalya and Fethiye gulfs. The 535 km long road stretching along the sea in parts and between magnificent ancient cities is Turkey's first long-distance walking path. It is cited by various sources as one of the top 10 long-distance hiking routes in the world.

The land of light and sun among the Lycians, known as the "Distant Land" in the Middle Ages, is one of the important natural beauties of Turkey, located on the Teke Peninsula in the southwest of Anatolia. Exceptional with its name, Ölüdeniz is a spot that holidaymakers do not pass by. Vacationers do water sports in this marvelous place in the magnificent beauty of this place. Activities such as water skiing and wakeboarding, especially windsurfing and kite surfing, are also attracting attention.

It is the capital of Lycia, which is connected to Kaş on the provincial border, 1 hour away from Fethiye. Patara Ancient City, which is one of the cities with 3 voting rights, is the city where the first parliament building is located, that is, the city where democracy was born. Since it is a city spread over a very large area, it takes some time to visit, but you get a lot in return. Patara Beach, 1 km ahead of your tour, awaits you to relieve your tiredness.

Definitely one of the most entertaining tours of Fethiye, the jeep safari tour is without a doubt. We are sure that you will enjoy every moment of the tour with your friends or family. Water fights, mud baths, natural wonders along the way… it will be enough to come to Fethiye for safari tours that will not end in counting.

One of the important places that Fethiye offers to its guests is Saklıkent Canyon. The canyon, bestowed by nature on humanity, is an ideal route for a day trip. Saklıkent National Park, which is an hour's drive from Fethiye, is one of the unique beauties that everyone should visit.

One of the best activities you can do while you are in Fethiye is to take a boat tour of the Dodecanese Islands. You can see the most beautiful bays and islands of the gulf such as Kızılada, Yassıca Islands, Göcek Island, Knight Island, Kuleli Bay, Shipyard Island, Bedri Rahmi Bay and enjoy the sea to the fullest.