Dear Tonoz Beach family,
We highly value our guests and personal. As Tonoz Beach, our priority is for you to have a healthy and safe holiday. To ensure this we have taken necessary precautions according to the criteria that World Health Organization and our Covid19 Advice Council have released. Our general use areas have been rearranged in accordance with social distance regulations, additionally signs have been made and informative posters have been put. Thank you for the interest you have put in our hotel. Sincerely, Tonoz Beach Management.

The procedures in action:
There are hand disinfections devices in all our general areas. Especially frequently touched surfaces; door handles, batteries, hand rails, toilets and sinks in common areas are disinfected regularly. We have received disinfection and hygiene training from Diversey firm. Common areas WCs are cleaned every two hours according to hygiene rules.

Our top priority is the hygiene of our hotel staff that are in contact directly or indirectly with you, our valued guests. For this reason we put importance into our personal’s education. The precautions we have taken are as follows:

  • All our staff have been trained about the pandemic hygiene regulations and have acquired hygiene certificates certified by the ministry of education.
  • At all times, our staff use personal protection equipment and will serve you abiding the social distance regulations.
  • In all our personal areas, as in common use areas, hygiene standards and practices are carried out meticulously and with care.
  • All employees are obliged to use protection masks during their commute to and from work.
  • There are disinfection devices present in all staff areas.


  • You can find masks and disinfectant at the front desk, free of charge, at all times.
  • At all times, our staff use personal protection equipment and will serve you abiding the social distance regulations.
  • Upon check in your body temperature will be measured and registered on to the covid-19 form. In case of a negative outcome, the situation will be shared with the Ministry of Health in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.
  • Contactless POS machines are prioritised and are disinfected regularly.
  • Due to the pandemic, you can adjust your reservations at the latest 1 day prior to your reservation date.


  • Daily room cleaning is done by our personnel whilst using masks and single use gloves.
  • If you prefer to be exempt from daily room service for cleaning and the mini-bar, please let the reception know.
  • Textile products such as sheets and towels are washed in washing machines using detergent and at 60-90 C degrees.
  • Our laundry room is situated in the hotel and is used only for hotel textile products.
  • Our washing machines are cleaned and the laundry room is disinfected regularly.


  • All our service personnel serve whilst using masks.
  • At our restaurant, we provide single use salt, pepper and sugar sachets.
  • We have placed social distance reminder signs in our lobby and waiting areas.
  • In our breakfast hall, a fan is used and all tables and chairs have been organised according to social distance regulations.
  • Self-service tea, coffee and beverage machines in our food & beverage areas have been removed or are operated by our service personnel.
  • Contact with food is prevented at our open buffet and service is carried out by the kitchen staff.
  • All dirty dishes are washed in a dishwasher at high temperatures.
  • All produce is either covered or stored in closed areas.
  • All our tables are disinfected after each use.
  • Our service areas are regularly disinfected with a UVL device.


  • It is mandatory for all kitchen staff to wear masks, bonnets and gloves.
  • All produce is stored after disinfection.
  • Cold and dry storage areas are aired regularly.
  • Refrigerator temperatures are registered at all times.
  • All kitchen areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • It is forbidden to enter food production areas except for personnel.


  • Care and disinfection of the pool and jakuzi are carried out according to the criteria that the Ministry of Health and our Covid19 Advice Council have released.
  • There is an automatic Ph and chlorine regulator working in the pool and keeps the chlorine level between 1 and 3.
  • Sunbeds are placed according to social distance regulations and are disinfected after each use.
  • All pool and garden areas and equipments are cleaned regularly.


  • While moving within the facility pay utmost attention to maintaining social distance. Comply with the signs placed by the hotel management.
  • Do not adjust the 1.5 meter distance between tables.
  • If you experience or witness Covid19 symptoms in yourself or other guest, please inform the reception immediately. Reception will contact our Environmental and Social Service representative and Health Care organisations for you.
  • In accordance to Covid19 precautions you can acquire protective equipment such as disinfectants, masks, and gloves free of charge from reception, house keeping and room service at any time of the day.